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TIMV-plus, a new approach of the immersive e-learning platforms
Gicu Calin Deac, Crina Narcisa DEAC, Costel Emil Cotet, Mihalache GHINEA

Last modified: 2017-11-01


This paper introduces an immersive platform for distance learning. It integrates a lot of useful instruments for e-Learning like: browsing web, screen sharing, video players, virtual library, live streaming, webcam, videoconferences, VoIP, chat, whiteboard, automatic checking systems, interactive testing evaluation systems. Our platform, TIMV Plus, allows the import of 3D objects in FBX and OBJ format. This type of objects can be obtained by using any 3D software or by being imported from Google Warehouse or Google Blocks, so that more 3D components can continuously emerge on the platform, up to each user’s will. Given the fact that this platform uses a server-client architecture, any new modification is saved on server, and the other users can visualize in real time the new components.


e-Learning, Virtual Reality, collaborative learning


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