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The activities of the pre-university environment with European funding
Maria Adelina Cristea, Lidia Alexandra Năstase (Păun), Mariana Iatagan

Last modified: 2017-11-19


An efficient functioning of pre-university education implies the development of many fun activities for students and teachers to increase education attainment. An important criterion in organizing activities is the financial resource. Activities can be funded by various organizations or entities, but also from non-reimbursable funds. In order to benefit from European funding, a pre-university education institution must mobilize all departments. To meet the criterion of the financial resource, the organizers of the activities invest time. Time may be the main impediment to accessing European funds for various activities. In the process of accessing funding, applicants encounter gigantic bureaucratic demands that take them long time. Unfortunately, many institutions from the pre-university environment exclude the possibility to fund activities from European funds. For this reason, activities are limited and without a strong impact on students, teachers or parents. The presented material has tried to show the availability of pre-university staff to fund European funds for increasing the quality of education in public schools.



Education, Teachers, Education Attainment, Education Quality, Learning, Public School


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