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European funds managed by IT
Lidia Alexandra Năstase (Păun), Maria Adelina Cristea, Raluca Zorzoliu

Last modified: 2017-11-29


Currently, the data management process combines resources from many areas. Information and Communication Technology manages the result of resource processing and helps develop a data set. Effective data management minimizes the risk of errors. Errors may be the result of involuntary data omission. The efficient centralization of large data is achieved through the computer assisted and knowledge management. Software programs are created according to the needs of the user. The user centralizes, stores, selects, or processes the data efficiently in order to get quick answers to any questions. European funds have raised a number of questions based on numerous information. Managing the necessary data in order to get European funds can be done with the help of IT Management. IT users need to combine resources properly to link the interlocutor's question to the respondent. In Romania there are a number of anomalies in the computerized data management process. Current computer software users claim that they are deficient and improvements are needed. User-generated anomalies must be a new resource base for processing by IT technologies for managing European funds. With the help of this exploratory research, we have outlined a level of satisfaction with the users of the computer programs created in order to manage the European funds.




Computer Assisted, Information and Communication Technology, Information Systems, IT Management, Knowledge Management, Research





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* Regulamentele privind fondurile europene ( )



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