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Abstract: The 21st Century has been announced since its inception to be one of the great global spaces, interference and interconnection. These spaces make a huge mix of races, ethnicities, cultures, blend that brings with it eclecticism, hybridization and transmutation.    The interest of the world states for these spaces, among which we nominate the entire African continent, has been and remains determined by the configuration of global geopolitics at various milestones on the scale of the time traveled and the strategic value of the energy and mineral resources in the sub-continent of this continent. This value, in an exhaustive approach, obviously has to be related to a much greater diversity of types of resources than those of our subject, mentioned in the title.

In a 1990 document on the National Security Strategy drafted by the Presidential Administration under the mandate of President Bush senior, it was noted that for the greater part of the century, the United States considered it vital for the interests of foreign and national security policy to prevent any power or group of powers to dominate "Eurasia landmass."

This statement represents an adaptation of American foreign policy in the early 1990s to Halford Mackinder's geopolitical paradigm "Heartland Theory," 1) elaborated almost 100 years ago.I recall that, according to him, the power that controls the great pivot - Central Asia, in the end, in international politics, it will appear as the most powerful state in the world.






Sub-Saharan Africa, sub-Saharan pivotal area, globalization, silk road, Eurasia, Sub-Saharan geopolitical pivot, negricity and pan-Africani, Sub-Saharan Islam, terrorism


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