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The aim of the research was to investigate the food production regarding healthy foods, social involvements, first of all the consumer behavior, and economic issues, like management, taxes, accounting, finance. Lately, the consumers are becoming more aware regarding a healthy nutrition, food quality, or food components that can bring a benefit for general health, either general wellbeing or either improving health for some particular diseases.  Disusing about healthy nutrition, we are interested regarding some particular issues: functional foods, bio foods, DOP foods (“Protected Designation of Origin”) or PGI foods (”Protected Geographical Indication”). But to have healthy foods somebody must be interested to produce and to supply them to the people. We want to show if to importance of healthy food correspond in Romanian society and economy enough incentives for production and trade.

The study was based on an exploratory research based on fiscal data, literature review in the field of management and legislation analysis. The amount of scientific data presented in literature, offer substantial ideas regarding importance of foods production, first of all healthy food, and the managerial opportunities or risks for food industry in Romania.

Key words: food production, healthy food, management, taxes, opportunities and risks.

JEL Classification: I15 Health and Economic Development



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