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Constanta-Belfast – a comparative study on housing growth model
Manuela EPURE, Patrick Francis Gray

Last modified: 2017-11-23


Housing is an important field of discussions, for decades, the need for safety being one of the basic need reflected by Maslow in the his needs hierarchy pyramid. People tent to secure their place of living, having a house, wish to protect  their property and to benefit  from good living conditions in their city.  Today, more than ever, is required a new approach of the growth of cities mostly due to the fact that the global urban has grown rapidly and new solutions should be design to solve the problems associated with.  The large populated cities must face problems related to resources, transportation, waste management, and quality of life. The paper aim to present, in a comparative manner, the model of housing growth in two cities Constanta and Belfast.  The housing demand is examined at structural level in both cities. Housing offer in both cities seems to diversify and particular characteristics are examined in order to define the urban model of growth .


smart city, rethink city, housing, urban growth model

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