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Factors whıch Efects the Mobıle Taggıng Awareness; A Research on Socıal Medıa Consumers
Kübra Küge DALDAL, Sabiha KILIÇ

Last modified: 2016-01-06


This study intends to determine the factors which effects the awareness of social media consumers. The basic assumption of the study is social media consumers awareness about mobile marketing is at high level. Social media consumers follow technology, technological innovation and mobile applications. In the study mobile tags are considered as a brand. Brand awareness is related to the strength of the brand assets in the mind of the consumers.  Brand awareness is measured in six ways. This ways are;

-           Recognition

-          Recall

-          Top of mind

-          Dominant

-          Information

-          Belief

In the study, the six factors which is used to mesaure brand awereness will be evaluated and then the study is intended to determine factors that effects the awereness of mobile tagging.

In the study,  the datas will analize in the statistical program SPSS 16.0. datas will get with the survey methodology.  The questions of the survey are prepared from the literature about brand awereness and questions ara multiple choice and five-point Likert is used.  The main body of the study is the members of the social network which are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook has 30 million members, Twitter has 6 million members and LinkedIn has 750.000 active users. The main body of the study is consisted by 36.750.000 active social media members. The sample of the study will determine  with Simple Random Sampling Method.

Hypothesis of the Study;

H1: The social media using level of the consumers has effects on the awareness of the mobile tagging of social media consumers.

H2: Consumer Interaction Level of Mobile Tagging App have  effect on the mobile tagging awareness of social media consumers.

H3: Awareness Levels of Mobile Tagging on Social Media have effects on the mobile tagging awareness of social media consumers.






Mobile Marketing, Mobile Tagging, Brand Awereness, Social Media

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