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Sustainable growth with the help of Quality Scheduling Index
George Cristian GRUIA, George GRUIA

Last modified: 2016-01-06


The paper presents a new way for small and middle size companies to sustain their growth using the Quality Scheduling Index. The aim of the paper is to provide the managers from not only the private sector, i.e. manufacturing companies, a tool which can help them improve Just-In-Time delivery of the products to the market, reduce manufacturing costs related with time usage for manufacturing the products on parallel production lines and also increase the quality according to the ISO norms as well as according to each and every customer requirements. In this way the Pull principle is applied and the company will produce and deliver the right products, at the right time and according to the customer’s specifications. The Quality Scheduling Index is presented and partial results of its implementation are shown from a managerial as well as juridical point of view. The goal is to extend Total Quality Management in areas little explored, working in Just-In-Time mode, by eliminating the temporal variations from the contractual delivery terms regarding time. Among other things, the new management tool, Quality Scheduling Index, is able to capture the desired degree of temporal variations and the associated costs. Its implementation methodology goes to business practice, eliminating the company’s risk of failure from the enterprise supply chain.


Quality Scheduling Index, sustainable, growth, management, improve

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