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The Impact of Forest Degradation on Rural Communities in Romania
Liliana GURAN, Cornelia MARIN

Last modified: 2016-01-06


The evolution of human society was often based on the use of naturalresources. The forest-man communion in Romania represented more than a mere cover of the basic material needs. The Romanian was always “brotherof the forest” and knew how to appreciate along the centuries the multiplequalities of the woods. As the most important part of the forest fund, the Romanianwoods are strongly affected by anthropic activities. Much more than the necessaryactivities for maintenance and regeneration, there is now the massive economicexploitation of the forest exceeding the threshold ofresponsibility and the environmental limits. The degradation of theforest fund involves higher risks of flooding, landslides, ecosystem andlandscape degradation, and in the end the total disappearance of the basic localresources. This paper pays a higher attention to floods that repeatedly affectedthe rural communities in the last decade. This type of hazard is directlydetermined by excessive logging. Flood risk management should be based onresponsible forest management limiting the deforestation at the level of ecosystem’sability to regenerate. The paper analyses the perception of rural communitymembers on forest issues. The conclusions underline the impact of the legislationand the sectoral policies on the present situation of the forests in Romania.


forest, floods, rural communities, Romania

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