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Cluster Analysis of the EU Countries in Terms of Labor Market Indicators
Daniela PASNICU, Speranța PARCIOG, Cătălin GHINARARU, Gabriela TUDOSE

Last modified: 2016-01-06


Abstract: Dynamics of main indicators in the EU labor market context reflects that the EU labor market as whole remains tense, and that differs substantially from one country to another. This paper includes an analysis of recent developments in labor market participation, employment, unemployment, education level with special concerning on data disaggregated by age and sex. Paper aims to group the EU countries according to key indicators of the labor market for gaps and similarities identification in order to achieve the objectives of cohesion policies at EU level. To achieve this propose it was used hierarchical cluster analysis method.





Keywords: labor market, cluster analysis method, employment, unemployment, cohesion policies, vulnerable groups.

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