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Examining the Impact of Trust, Satisfaction and Service Quality on Consumer E- Loyalty
Azemi Fehmi, Krenar Binaku

Last modified: 2016-01-13


Literature suggests that inherited advantages in e-tailing are experienced if customers e-loyalty is reached. E-loyalty has traditionally been explained on grounds of trust, satisfaction, andservice quality. Scholars have greatly emphasised the effect of these elements to customer e-loyalty. However,the explanations are isolated to developed countries,leaving the phenomenon in developing ones unexplained. This study examines the impact of trust, satisfaction, and service quality in consumer e-loyalty in Kosovo.It empirically measures the correlation of relationships across e-loyalty and three elements. The findings reveal a positive correlation between the proposed relationships. Further, it associates trust to the factor with the greatest impact on consumer e-loyalty.


Trust; Satisfaction; ServiceQuality; E-loyalty; E-tailing