ICESBA - Submit a paper, International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration (ICESBA 2015)

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Bulid Sistem “ing. Abate”
Abate Vito

Last modified: 2016-01-13


The object of the research is the simplification of the construction of concrete buildings in more floors above ground, the construction standards of the structural components in the plant, the control of raw materials required, reducing the time of construction of the building up to 90% , the possibility of being able to perform the maintenance of the structural parts in every moment of the life of the building, the elongation of the life of the structural parts, parts of reinforced concrete from the current 60 years to 200 years, the possibility to insert seismic joints to the base with simplicity.

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engineering, construction, building, prefabrication, pillar, seismic

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