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The Prospect of Remittances in Albania

Last modified: 2016-01-13


The Albanian economy, like in many other countries that are in transition, is based on a large percentage of remittances, which remain one of main arteries for Albanian household income and economic development not only in specific districts but in the whole country. The government policies toward creating safe conditions and methods to transfer money to our country, rising from the savings of immigrants are essential to guarantee the health of an economy in transition and also increasing the Welfare of its citizens. Remittances constitute the majority of capital improvements and investment in commercial activities in the country and a major part of GDP in Albania. The crises of recent years that have gripped the whole of Europe, and especially Greece have questioned the importance of remittances to our country. All these reasons and many implications of each and every one of us to the phenomenon of immigration are motivation for study and research in this area. In order to fulfil a serious study about the prospect of remittances in Albania analytic methods will be used such as qualitative and quantitative methods. As a result an analytic and critical overview of the trend of remittances in this country will be obtained.



Remittances, Immigration, Govern policies, Total revenues, Financial crisis, Money transfer

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