ICESBA - Submit a paper, International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration (ICESBA 2015)

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Investments in Human Resources and Social Innovation – Priorities of EU Projects in Romania
Aurelian Virgil BALUTA, Gabriela IOSIF

Last modified: 2016-01-27


The paper has 5 chapters: introduction, including the state of art and the importance of the research, human resources in EU projects and realities of Romania, Justify of the continuous professional training need, resources for training and training as resource in practical and theoretical approach, the complementarities of continuing professional training, conclusions. The authors valorise their experience in projects developed in accordance with previous rules of in the field of social innovation. They put together realities, stage of knowledge in social and economics science, EU Programmes. Are included points of view from international and Romanian literature about the problems of the paper. The authors hope that particular ideas not to disturb the understanding of Romanian realities. In the paper we present the EU Programme Euro 2020 like a new level of previous evolution of theory in social science and economics. But all kinds of programme will resolve problems only if is accordance with the realities. For Romania realities have some particularities and the implement of Europe 2020 will take into account these particularities.


human resources; projects; economics; labour; training.

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