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Healthcare Staff Motivation Effects on Healthcare Services Consumers Behaviour
Daniel Adrian GÂRDAN, Diana CRACIUNAS, Iuliana Petronela GÂRDAN, Mădălina MILITARU

Last modified: 2016-01-27


The field of staff motivation represents a very complex one, studied intensively in the last years. Its importance is given not only by the practical dimension related with the optimization and performance objectives of every organization but it relies also on the different implications that staff motivation can have in time on different layers, at the level of business strategy or marketing strategies. Applying principles of staff motivation in the field of healthcare services is a demanding endeavour because of the very specific features and peculiarities of healthcare services, work processes and relationship between the healthcare services customers and employees. The present article is proposing a research aimed to explore the possible correlation between staff motivation and the dynamic of consumer behaviour in the field of healthcare services. It have been identified characteristics variables for medical staff motivation and consumer behaviour from the point of view of the loyalty degree evolution toward the specific healthcare services analysed in the context – dental, ophthalmology and E.N.T. The results of the research show that both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational variables groups are influencing positively the degree of consumption recurrence.


employee motivation, consumer behaviour, attitudes, perception, healthcare marketing.

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