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Considerations Regarding the Analyses of Public Debt in the Current Economic Context, both National and International Level
Elena-Doina DASCĂLU, Dragoș Mihai UNGUREANU

Last modified: 2016-01-27


This article presents an analysis of the way of manifestation of public debt in Romania in the context of the state’s economic evolution of the present complex financial media. Under the circumstances of functional market economies, the issues some states faced concerned the high levels of public debt or potential budgetary pressure risks that lead to the idea that sustainability of public finances must be a major challenge at the public political level. In this context, the politics considered to be adequate for approaching the public finances sustainability challenge must have as a basis to start the Strategy of EU, focused on the three components that are the decrease of public debt, the increase of productivity and last but not least, the pensions and welfare systems reform. To ensure some reasonable sustainable levels of public debt, the EU Member States have to accomplish some budgetary strategic objectives on a medium term basis so to ensure a descendent trend of the public debt.


public debt, state loan, public debt sustainability, budget deficit, level of indebtedness.

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