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Measuring and Improving Quality of Medical Care
Raluca-Marilena MIHALCIOIU

Last modified: 2016-01-27


Quality healthcare is a sufficient and appropriate economic medical service with the aim to increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes of individuals and of population. In general it is medical care services based on patient needs, quality of life and professionally qualified employees but also on economical requirements. This requirement is called the quality demand of the patient that a health care establishment (z. B. doctor's office) provides, and refers both to the quality that is explicitly guaranteed by the institution, as well as on the quality that is tacitly assumed for every patient: it is defined as a need or an expectation that is set to or, usually it is provided or it’s mandatory to be delivered. Thus, the concept of quality is understood as fulfilment of level fixed quality objectives, presupposed (patient orientation, treatment outcome) or obligatory (professional discipline, hygiene, maintenance) requirements. The paper aims to present the quality dimensions of medical care and the procedure for implementing a quality management system in healthcare institutions.


quality management, healthcare institutions, patient focus, quality models

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