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Quality Management in Social Service Organizations
Raluca-Marilena MIHALCIOIU

Last modified: 2016-01-27


Due to the changed political situation at the beginning of the nineties a Quality – Boom started in Germany at all levels of the economy. Scientific research couldn’t answer the question whether – if so, how - the use of Quality Management changed the management of social services organizations. The present paper focuses on the following question: How does the use of quality management can improve the activity of social service organizations? To reduce the complexity of this issue, it seems obvious to select a particular perspective: the experience of executives, the ones who play a central role in quality management matters. Overall, it seems this obvious, not to focus this paper on monetary effects. The practical relevance of article should therefore be formulated as a provisional working hypothesis: from the combination of the different perspectives should be proved that quality management - regardless of which system or what “quality philosophy" it operates – must be seen as positive effects on this very important sector of social service organizations.


quality management, social services, social management, non-profit organization

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