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DEONTOLOGICAL GUIDE MARKS IN THE COMMERCIAL COMPETITION ‐ Challenges and Perspectives Concerning Competition under Economic Crisis Conditions -

Last modified: 2016-02-11


The competitiveness of products on the European State Members’ market was and still is an issue for all the players involved in the good functioning of the single EU market. Any alteration of the competitiveness is rapidly sanctioned by the habilitated bodies applying the regulations in the matter, taking on the role of the guardian for the European consumer. The global nature of the current economic and financial crisis, has forced the new Member States to adopt a prudent behaviour since small countries' economies are engaged in a process of economic catch-up. This feature creates a "virtuous circle" ... rather than "vicious", especially in times of general economic growth, but makes them more vulnerable to exogenous shocks. The crisis also represents the strongest shock that become apparent. Potential threats are magnified by the fact that their status as European Union Member States do not allow them to adopt protectionist measures. This would be considered a breach of European competition rules in the single market being penalized as such. Keywords:


deontological guide mark, commercial competition, alteration of the competitiveness, regulations, antitrust policy, the markets liberalization.

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