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Risk Identification in Project Management
Anca Ungureanu, Cezar Braicu, Adrian Ungureanu

Last modified: 2016-01-27


Project risk is an uncertain event, provided that, if it occurs, will have a positive or negative effect on one or more of the objectives of the project, such as scope, schedule, cost and quality. Risk conditions could include aspects of the project or organization, years of ongoing risk environment that contributes to the project such as practice immature project management, lack of integrated management systems, competing projects, or dependency on external participants who are direct control over project. Literature Project management plays different definitions of project risk. The variety of definitions for project management risk is caused by the fact that each project (eg in IT projects, construction projects, etc.) may have specific types of risks that may affect project results in different proportions. However, the nature of risks in a project is the same for each type of project, so you should create a common definition of risk.


risk management, project management, plan, evaluation, analysis, control

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