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What is The Main Reason of Poverty and What Can Be Done for The Elimination of Poverty from The Point of Families Who Get Social and Economic Support

Last modified: 2016-01-27


The aim of this study is to find out the answers of two questions: [1] What is the main reason of poverty and [2] What can be done for the elimination of poverty. These questions were asked to families who get social and economic support from Meram Social Service Directorate in Konya-Turkey. It is accepted that getting social aid is connected with the criteria of being poor [Simmel, 2009]. In this study, both quantitative and qualitative research designs are used. To determine the sample size, the table prepared by Altunışık and et al *2012+ is used, and according to the table it is concluded that 234 families can represent the population. However, to increase the reliability of the results 246 families accepted to join the research are examined within the context of the study. The data obtained from qualitative questions was divided into themes through the context analysis. “Unemployment” (n;=66, %26.8), “Economic expensiveness” (n=60, %24.4), “Poor health” (n=35, %14.3), “Uneducated” (n=30, %12.3) were coded as the main reason of poverty. “Job opportunities should be provided” (n=67, %27.2), “Social aid should be increased” (n=64, %26.0), “The necessity of education and training” (n=29, %11.8), “Welfare state should take care of its nation” (n=28, %11.4) were coded for the elimination of poverty.


Poverty; Social and Economic Support; Social Aid; Qualitative Research; Context Analysis; Elimination of Poverty.

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