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Doing business in emerging markets. Successful strategies
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Last modified: 2016-10-07


Doing business today become a very challenging endeavour, drivers such as globalization, technological changes, economic crisis, just mention a few are changing the competitive game. Successful firms, appear to be those that demonstrate a real capacity to compete “differently” and especially to innovate in their business models. Emerging markets are seen now as a unique environment which requires a systematic approach, in developing novel business models and strategies. Going global is one thing but targeting emerging economies is quite a different story. It is a real need todevelop strategies for doing business in emerging markets that are completely different from those used in their home country. The successful companies customize their strategy implementation to fit the nation’s institutional context. Adapting constantly their strategies seems to be the best way to cope with unexpected market developments.


emerging markets, business strategy, business model, globalization, competitiveness.


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