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Sustainable Economy and Emerging Markets

Sustainable Forestry in EU Romania, Great Britain and Sweden case studies PDF () PDF
Liliana GURAN
Sustainability Reporting in the Hospitality Industry: A research model proposal on sustainability performance PDF
Alp Yenidogan, Tugba Gurcaylilar-Yenidogan, Nilufer Tetik
Economic and social analysis of economic gaps, between 1990 – 2014 and the influence factors PDF
Raluca ZORZOLIU, Elena Gurgu
Romania's role in the current international economic context through domestic macroeconomic developments PDF
Elena Gurgu, Raluca Zorzoliu
Global Financial Cycle and International Production Networks. International Investment Position of Romania through its Main Ingredients PDF
Elena Gurgu, Aristide Cociuban

Entrepreneurship and New World of Work

Quantifying Atypical Employment in Romania – The Social Dimension PDF
Cătălin Ghinăraru, Luise Mladen

Energy and Environmental Management

Renewable Energy and the Environment PDF
Cornelia MARIN, Liliana Guran

Changing Demography in a Global Economy

From Urbanization to Metropolization; the Case Study of Romania PDF
Liliana GURAN, Michael SOFER, Corina PANTELIMON

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