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Future implications of the concept One Health in management
Aurelian Virgil BALUȚĂ, Bogdan Stelian MASTALIER MANOLESCU

Last modified: 2019-11-15


The concept < One Health> will have implications in the management of health, human behavior, organization of the national economy and enterprises. Each of them is the subject of a section in our article. Health management is presented as a form of superior integration of health care, prevention, nutrition and lifestyle.

Human behavior is treated in terms of attitude towards nature and environmental management, with implications on health.

Organizing the national economy according to the concept <One health> involves changes in the allocation of resources by way of taxes and authorization fees, but also of the types of projects that can be financed from public funds.

The practices of the companies can be modified based on the concept of <One health> if the educational efforts will have the same pressure that imposed the concept of corporate social responsibility.


Management, One Health,

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