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Does The Convergence Of The Blockchain, The Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence Changing Our Lives, Education And The Known World Of The Internet?! Some changes and perspectives for the international economy

Last modified: 2019-11-15


Abstract: Through this paper we try to answer the questions that come to our minds more and more often as the days are passing: Will our lives, education and the known world of the Internet change with this convergence of the blockchain, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence? Will we, people, be able to keep up with these amazing changes? Are companies willing to invest in new technology? What are the advantages and disadvantages for society, in general? Are the managers of companies aware of these phenomena of the new information technologies and are they open to these changes? Through the statistical data that we have accessed by researching various information sources, we have come to some conclusion, but the phenomenon is in full development and until now we do not known all its mysteries.


blockchain; Internet of things; artificial intelligence; education; management

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