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Agility Management - how we need to manage quality
Raluca-Marilena MIHALCIOIU

Last modified: 2019-11-15


Nowadays almost all companies have to face challenges as markets evolve dynamically and business models change permanently. The developments in many sectors is slowing down, growth markets are hardly predictable and they are changing fast. Innovation and development cycles are shortened drastically. The often slow and rather stuck corporate structures, processes and behaviors are no longer able to respond quickly enough to radical changes. We need to develop new approaches, that keep companies stay competitive. The new concept of agility management is part of a new quality management approach. This paper presents a conceptual framework of the key dimensions of the new quality management concept, the agility management. For this research was selected the example of Siemens AG, a leading german company, that is very known for its groundbreaking innovations in many economic sectors.


quality management, development, agility, leadership,


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