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General Aspects of Leadership for Performance and the link between this and the Organizational Culture
Ana Roxana STEFANESCU, Oriana Helena NEGULESCU, Elena DOVAL

Last modified: 2019-11-15


Many organizations are redefining their activity, with the role of the leader growing. Currently, the role of leaders is changing, evolving from control and hierarchy, towards the search for innovative solutions. These solutions require the active participation of employees and a total reconsideration of the role of leaders.

These aspects have been approched in the this paper in detail. In the first part of the paper, the strong connection between leadership and organizational culture was analyzed. The paper continues by presenting elements of differentiation between direct and indirect leadership. Finally, based on the particular importance of leadership in the success of organizations, I have presented the current trends in leadership in the world.


organizational culture; direct leadership; indirect leadership; autocratic leader; participative leader.


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