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Last modified: 2019-11-15


Nowadays, consumers focus and rely on SNSs, which are thriving, to get information, recommendations from other users for products and services, and also to interact with companies and organizations. This behavior is also common for consumers and brands of the fashion industry, as technology and marketing applications are evolving in a new digital environment. In this paper, we are investigating consumers' relationships with Social Media and the way they could be classified, based on their interaction with the SNSs of fashion companies and brands, examining a sample of 327 consumers. Participants in the survey completed a questionnaire concerning the patterns of Social Media platforms usage and their experience. Afterward, Cluster Analysis was used to analyze and classify patterns of usage and consumers, regarding the SNSs’ pages of fashion brands and companies. Our results showed that consumers are classified into four clusters namely: Active Users, Opinion Leaders, Entertainment Seekers, Basic Level- Entertainment Seekers.


Social Media, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Industry, Consumers’ Behavior, Online Shopping, Greece


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