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Development Agencıes on the Way to the Regıonal Development: Comparıson of Turkey and Românıa
Mustafa OZTURK, Nadir EROGLU, İlhan EROGLU, Halil Ibrahim AYDIN

Last modified: 2016-01-06


Although the levels of regional development disparities change from country to country, almost all countries suffer from this problem. In order to minimize these disparities, the Regional Development Agencies have been established in many countries.

By prompting the regional potential and internal dynamics, regional development agencies which were established to stimulate the regional economies aim to produce economic and socio-cultural values. The development agencies contribute economic development of countries by stimulating the regional economies. Also they contribute to minimize the unemployment rate thanks to the investments invited into the region.

The objective of this study is to display the roles of development agencies on elimination of the regional development disparities comparing Romania and Turkey.


Economic Development, Development Agencies, Development Disparities

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