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The Predictable Future of Bio-economic Society
Mustafa Emre CAGLAR

Last modified: 2016-01-06


This theoric study aims to draw a picture of midterm future by terms of socio-economic environment. While doing this, we mostly assume ‘social structure’ as dependent variable and the ‘new economy’ ( green energy and new production ) as independent variable. As known, social transformations take more time due to the human generations lifespans, according to technological or economical transformations. İn fact social factors effect economic and technological factors in long term deeply. But in this study we will be generally limited by the mids of 21. Century.

According to Jeremy Rifkin, great economic transformations in history appears when a new communication technology interact with a new energy system. New communication system make it possible to organize the more complex civilization, which the new energy system created. We are discussing the socio-economic future of human life on earth; how people will distribute on geography, how they work and how governments will change into new forms of social regulators?

IBM, Cisco Systems, Siemens and General Electric, are all trying to construct a smart power grid. This intelligent energy network will embrace virtually every facet of life. Homes, offices and vehicles will continuously communicate wtih each other, sharing information and energy on a 24/7 basis.

How this happenings effect the social community all over the world? With other entries like the rising of transnational enterprises, the individual independence on energy acquiring, will destroy the social contracts which establishes nations. İndividuals normally gets together for creating economies of scale. Because individuals cannot build large energy plants like coal plants or nuclear plants by themselves. As a result governments become to loose their basic functional reason of existance againts citizens.



Third Industrial Revolution; Green Energy

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