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The Process of Globalization of Businesses and Opportunities Offered by the new Technology on Ethics and Responsibility in Business
Daniel Marius MARES, Valerica MARES, Lucian Dorel ILINCUȚĂ

Last modified: 2016-01-06


In this paper the authors aim to create a presentation of the triangle morals-ethics-responsibility with an accent on the current globalized society. Business ethics has to disseminate in all the corners of a company, and first of all it has to be understood. Understanding the moral criteria of behaviour in business is important because the new Organizational structures create new complications, related to information flow and information administration inside various workgroups and in the entire organization, for which there are no traditional precedents.

The increase in the importance given to business ethics can be explained through the changes suffered by the strategies and the structures of the corporations. Recent currents in the managerial theory and practice, as total quality management, as well as restructuring and redimensioning processes for top companies left to abandoning many traditional practices for managing economic processes. Intricate and rigid managerial hierarchies have been considerably flattened. As a consequence, the authority and the decisional responsibility have been dispersed more and more inside the company: important decisions are taken at lower hierarchical levels and by more employees. That’s why it is required that each employee, not just the management, should understand as well as possible the complexity of the problems and how they should be reflected in the practical behaviour of the company in the economic environment.




smart business, corporatist social responsibility, ethical investments, green energies business ethics

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