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The State of Knowing in the Field of Enterprise Treasury- Notional Cash, Content, Scope

Last modified: 2016-01-06


The main objective of this paper is to perform a theoretical analysis of the main issues related to the concept of flow, starting from the stage of knowing in the company's treasury and continuing treasury structures and components classified and recognized in the accounts.

We begin this research with a conceptual analysis of enterprise treasury domain definitions, interpretations, approaches, nuances, linguistic indices are sometimes useful, but can be misleading since scientists borrow words from the pool of words. There is the danger of getting contaminated by common understandings and meanings related to everyday, common sense.

Analyzing the view of some reputable researchers, and academic elite Romanian definitions over time, we see that the treasury was distinctly defined.

All these contradictions are based on our approach to the problem of how to combine the creative rational thinking. It is often said that a problem well put is half solved. Lucian Blaga "a problem not only never made ... objective data can be called only objective data to which we refer, in that they are outside the problem started, and in that matter absorbs as a receptacle theirs. All of these objective data we call the problem area. "(Black, 1974).


treasury, treasury, investment securities, amounts receivable, cash on hand, letter of credit

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