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Today’s economic world is facing rapid changes which require an increased adaptability of business as much as developing innovative management and marketing strategies.

World Economy is not yet out of crisis, that is a fact...a long way to go until recovery is in place. The eighth Millennium Development Goals, as they were stated in the UN Declaration (8th UN plenary meeting, Sept.2000), aim to create a better world in the new millennium. Looking closely, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, accessibility to a better primary education, reduce child mortality or ensure environmental sustainability are not possible in the absence of a  healthy  global economy.

Intensive debates have been taking place all over the world: What can be done? A sustainable growth is desired, and EU 2020 strategy is focusing on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

  • Smart growth-

More effective investments in education, research and innovation will create new economic “horizons”: more skilled workers to provide for better usage of research results in increasing business economic performances. These are the premises to eradicate poverty, to improve access to health care services and to sustain a sustainable economic growth on the long run.

  • Sustainable growth.

Humankind has been facing, more and more in the past recent years, dramatic environmental changes and now more than ever it is time to act for a low-carbon economy. Is it possible? Are the green technologies too expensive to be adopted extensively? Are business representatives willing to give up their profit in order to contribute to a “better” world? Sustainable growth means also to improve the business environment, in particular for SMEs and give them an additional competitive advantage.

  • Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth can be achieved through a better employment rate: more and better jobs for women, young people and older workers. It is also highly desirable to modernize labour markets and welfare systems in order to benefit a larger EU population.

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