Industry 4.0 generates cutting-edge developments in sustainable operations as, in Internet of Things-based real-time production logistics, all manufacturing resources, artifacts, operations, and services are automated. The manufacturing cyber-physical system possesses progressively automated linkages and networking, harnessing innovative advancements in Internet of Things-based real-time production logistics, cognitive automation, and industrial big data analytics. Sustainable smart manufacturing has been developed on sustainable organizational performance and sustainable product lifecycle management. The advancement of sustainable industrial value creation, artificial intelligence-based decision-making algorithms, Internet of Things-based real-time production logistics, and deep learning-assisted smart process planning as cutting-edge technologies of Industry 4.0 have furthered the shift towards cyber-manufacturing networks where production parts and smart sensors interconnect automatically. Big data analytics can adequately enable the implementation of the sustainable smart manufacturing paradigm, upgrading real-time process monitoring and sustainable product lifecycle management in cyber-physical system-based manufacturing.

Panel 1 Smart Management in the Knowledge-based Urban Economy
Topics: data-driven management, data-driven circular economy, platform economy, sustainable urban governance networks, data-driven planning technologies, smart city software systems, smart sustainable city governance and management, networked and integrated sustainable urban technologies, sustainable smart manufacturing, Internet of Things-based real-time production logistics, sustainable Industry 4.0

Panel 2 Big Data-driven Smart Marketing
Topics: mobile marketing apps, smart sustainable marketing, data-driven marketing, virtual marketing

Panel 3 Algorithmic Data-driven Accounting Information Systems
Topics: cloud-based accounting information systems, smart sustainable auditing systems, digital accounting, artificial intelligence-based accounting, algorithmic accounting

Panel 4 Artificial Intelligence Data-driven Internet of Things Systems
Topics: data-driven Internet of Things systems, Internet of Things-enabled smart governance, Internet of Things sensing infrastructures, Internet of Things-enabled smart cities, computationally networked urbanism, product decision-making information systems, cyber-physical smart manufacturing systems

Special offer
The panel chairs will be selected from the authors of the best papers submitted before 1 September 2021. Any panel chair is free to promote ICESBA 2021 and his/her participation will be free of charge if he/she will succeed to gather at least six accepted papers for his/her panel.

Important dates:
Second call for paper:
– Paper submission – deadline 25th Oct 2021
– Paper acceptance – deadline 1st Nov 2021

Authors are requested to register after they receive the acceptance letter. See the registration instructions published online at

Conference venue:
The conference will be held on-line, through videoconference, on 26th-27th November 2021, Bucharest, Romania

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